Our Story

Uncompromising Flavor, Freshly Delivered.

We believe a hot cup of quality coffee can change someone's outlook on their whole day. Regardless if its just before the morning commute or after a long adventurous ride, with a group of great friends or alone in your quiet place; coffee can truly set the tone. That's why we're proud to produce some of the best luxury coffee around at a competitive price.

What's with the name?

MotoMilitant™ (http://www.motomilitant.com) was founded by an active duty Navy combat veteran with multiple deployments who is also a passionate motorcycle rider and community leader. During a routine commute to work, he was struck by a truck driver in a hit in run that left him injured and bedridden for two months. During this time, when he could not do the things he loved (ride his bike, spend time with his family and work alongside his fellow Sailors) is when the true brotherhood of both communities revealed themselves.

The support and love from both the motorcycle and military communities mirrored one another with him and pushed him forward through arduous physical therapy and recovery. It was during this time he came up with the idea of creating a brand that would embody the best of both those worlds and thus, MotoMilitant™ was born.

At first MotoMilitant was squarely in the apparel and accessories market. We created awesome streetwear for riders that leaned heavily on a military/government issue styling. As time went on and the rides, events and hangouts continued to increased we realized that coffee was so closely aligned to bikers and biker culture that it made sense that we begin the process of researching expanding into that market.

By research of course we mean we drank a lot of coffee. A LOT OF COFFEE!

Trust us, it was both grueling and marvelous at the same time. That research gave birth to a collection of 17 Premium Single Source Flavors (including Decaf blend) representing 16 countries. 

We are extremely confident you're going to find your new favorite among these unique offerings. Enjoy the adventure.