Sometime late in the wee hours of the night, a small handful of messages went out into the world. It was a simple message really, there wasn't a lot of deep thought into it.

It was just the idea that when a few select people woke in the morning, they would be greeted to this little gift that felt a bit like Christmas had come early.

Kind of like waking to the smell of brewing coffee... wow, that's accidently deep. 

Anyhow, what your seeing is the site near completion. This isn't the grand opening, this isn't even the soft opening. Its a soft, soft opening to allow a few of you to check out what we have planning and tolling away at for quite some time. Help us to spread the message that this isn't a joke or fluke. 

"The biker apparel people really have started a coffee brand and these jokers are serious."

Welcome to Mr. Wonka's factory. Enjoy the treats, tell us what you think and please, disregard the Umpa Lumpas.