Recipe for Success

So, that was some first weekend! Wow, you guys are really something. We've already hit the triple digits in IG followers and Facebook doesn't seem far behind. We've had our first few sales roll in and the orders will be leaving the warehouse this coming week. I'd say it was a successful soft open!

I'm sure by now my friends are tired of seeing me and the wife panhandling on our respective social media accounts and I need to go and research some more coffee puns before the well runs dry but all in all our sanity is still in tact as well. Thank God for small favors.

So what's new with the site? For one we've made the review and star system live for our products, so if you love your coffee (or just like it but aren't ready for that type of commitment) please share your thoughts and post a review. It will really help newcomers get a feel for what the favorites are and what they should try.

I'll also be adding a few coffee-based recipes to the blog in a new section called "Do Try This at Home" that I believe will be a lot of fun... and messy! For all my friends who have asked me for a few of my BBQ secrets I intend to let a few slip here, but I must be bribed with sales of coffee! Appease me!!! 😂

Okay enough of that, it's 12AM or what we call Small Business Boss O'clock. Time to call it a night!

Cheers ☕