Grind Time

Its been a wild couple of days. We officially launched this week and from there everything has been going so fast. The wife and I have been floored by the love and support we have recieved from the community of friends, family and coffee lovers alike that have come to check us out, order a batch or two and provided us feedback to help us make the process better for everyone.

Simply said, you guys rock!

This was a huge leap of faith for us, to expand the brand into uncharted territory meant spending quite a few long nights pulling what little hair I had left out of my head as we tasted samples, code and designs to find what we believed would be a perfect balance that our customers... you would appreciate the moment you smelled that brew fill the air of your homes.

We hope when you pour that cup you know we poured our heart into those beans.

Drink up, that's the taste of hard work... and coffee.

Mostly Coffee.